At The Little Sweethearts we want to ensure that what we serve your child balances nutritional needs with an enjoyable experience. To do this we:

  • obtain information about the child's likes and dislikes, any allergies or special dietary requirements.
  • promote food hygiene e.g. hand washing and encourage the children to talk to us about their food likes and dislikes.
  • involve children in the preparation of meals so they can learn about healthy food.
  • have regard for the Voluntary Food and Drink Guidelines for Early Years Settings and the information from the Caroline Walker Trust and use the guidance to plan menus for the setting.
  • ensure children have access to fresh drinking water at all times.
  • promote meal times as a social event encouraging children to sit at the table, use good manners, a knife and fork and ask older children to be role models for younger children.
  • encourage children to make choices for themselves by providing a variety of options for snacks that children are able to select for themselves.
  • fully support mothers who want to continue breastfeeding and are happy to accept breast milk in bottles. All milk must be supplied for babies under 1 year of age.
  • display menus in a folder and provide parents with meal ideas.


We have a flexible approach to the provision of food. We offer snacks, lunch and dinner for the children in our care. A termly menu is displayed for parents to view and menus and a list of allergens is kept in the food file. There is a strong focus on promoting healthy eating - children are offered choices and encouraged to be independent.

All our meals are cooked on the premises by Tania and we provide childrens' favourites, together with an appetising choice of new meals and flavours for the children to try. Feedback on the menu is always welcome.

Click here to see a sample menu.


Where possible we use organic, free range meat and our eggs are organic and free range.