The downstairs area of the house is designed with the children in mind. Our environment is carefully planned so that all activities are at the children's height and to encourage freedom of movement and choice. The space allows the children to engage with a wide range of Montessori activities and materials and enables them to discover, explore, learn and enhance their skills at their own pace. This multi-sensory approach includes practical life, sensorial, literacy, numeracy and cultural activities. We regularly change the activities on display to ensure the environment remains fresh and enticing. The children can work independently, with a friend or with an adult promoting good self-esteem and social skills. Our role as the adult is to empower them and help them to help themselves.

We use a mix of free play and structured activities, following the children's interests and abilities. The room is set up in curriculum areas with space for creativity, reading, dressing up, and role play. Other activities include cooking, shopping, gardening, music and movement, and exploring the natural environment through our Forest School sessions.

A maximum of just nine children under five, with three staff, enables us to provide individual attention for children of different ages. Our older children have access to the lounge for quieter, after school activities.

We have free-flow access to the garden and we go outside in all kinds of weathers. Our garden is secure and offers many of the practical life activites e.g. sweeping, hammering, watering plants etc and we have a greenhouse where we are growing our own fruit and vegetables.

Our outings have been many and varied. We frequently take the children on local trips to farms, gardens, country parks, canals and woodlands.